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Employee Timecard Login Instructions

TransHire has implemented a new electronic time card program. This program will allow our associates to submit their time cards for your approval via email at the end of each week. No more signing printed time cards!

The directions for this new system are as follows:

  1. Log on to our Website at
  2. Click on the tab Employees
  3. Click on Employee timecard Login
  4. Your user name is you first initial last name; example Tom Smith would be tsmith, all lower case.
  5. Your password is Transhire#1 and can be reset at any time
  6. Click accept at the bottom of the timesheet agreement
  7. Then highlight "Timesheets" then click on "Enter Time"
  8. Once you enter the time card screen, you can fill out your hours. Read the directions on that screen. Do not click the submit button until you have entered the correct time for the whole week. You can fill out your hours at the end of each day or fill out the whole card at the end of the week. When you have entered your time for the whole week you MUST click "Submit Timesheet"

Thank you!