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TransHire's Employees of the Month

Employees of the Month for September 2017

TransHire is excited to announce Veronica Cruz and Olga Thompson as September's Employees of the Month

Fort Lauderdale Office: We are excited and thrilled to announce Veronica Cruz as our employee of the month for September. Veronica registered with our company at the beginning of the year and was immediately placed with our client. She has continuously worked with the same client since then and is doing a great job. She has shown hard work and dedication to getting the job done. She has proven to be a dependable and reliable employee and our client couldn’t be happier with her work ethics. Thank you Veronica for doing such a wonderful job!

Miami Office: The Miami office has selected Olga Thompson as the Employee of the Month for her outstanding efforts! Olga has been an employee of TransHire since 2014 and she recently completed an assignment where she more than proved to be a reliable, dependable and a hard worker who is willing and able to do any task that is given to her. Thanks Olga for all you do!


Congratulations Veronica and Olga for being selected as TransHire's Employees of the Month, and THANK YOU  for your continued dedication!!!

TransHire is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or other protected class.