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Employer Timecard Login Instructions

TransHire has implemented an electronic time card program. This program will allow our associates to submit their time cards for your approval via email at the end of each week. No more signing printed time cards!

Once the associate submits their timesheet online you will receive an email advising the electronic timesheet is ready to be reviewed/approved. You will be able to do so right from the bottom of the email. Another option is to log in to our website.

The directions to log in are as follows:

  1. Log on to our Website at
  2. Highlight the tab "Employers"
  3. Click on "Employer Timecard Log in"
  4. Your user name is you first initial last name; example Tom Smith would be tsmith, all lower case.
  5. Your password is Transhire#1 and can be reset at any time
  6. Click accept at the bottom of the timesheet agreement
  7. Once the employee has filled out their timesheet it will be accessible to you for approval. To approve your temporaries time card click on "approve time sheets by employee"
  8. You can approve or reject the hours submitted for each day, or you can approve the entire timesheet by clicking "approve all"
  9. Once you have approved the timesheet, click "submit" and it will be emailed directly to us at TransHire. If you reject any of the hours submitted the timecard will be emailed back to the employee to correct and re-submit to you for approval.

Thank you for helping us implement a more accurate and streamlined time reporting system. Please call me if you have any questions or problems accessing the system.