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Benefits of using a Staffing Service


Benefits of using a temp staffing agency for your hiring needs


With all of the changes in the economy over the past few years, we’ve all adapted and made adjustments to the way we hire and the way we work. One shift includes the use of temporary staffing agency to fill employment needs rather than hiring employees directly. There are MANY various reasons why a company may choose a temp agency, but you just need one that works for you to see the benefits.


It takes a lot off your plate. Employment has changed a lot over the years, going from 2 laws in 1900 to over 2,200 today! Employers need to comply with all of those laws and clauses, deal with workers’ comp, health insurance and the Affordable Care Act, paid leave, and more. When you use a temporary staffing agency, those tasks fall on them. This can leave your business with more time to focus on other issues and less worry about noncompliance.


Recruiting agents search for the right candidate. It takes time to create a job posting, collect applications, sort through hundreds of resumes, and schedule and conduct interviews. There’s a lot to the hiring process! Temp agencies have a database of candidates to pull from, will search for new ones, and find one that fits your needs. They’ll handle the background checks and may do drug testing and skills testing.


Once you’ve gotten the right employee, the temp agency continues to handle the rest. They run payroll, deal with taxes, offer health insurance, and handle workers’ comp. This all adds up to save your business a lot of money, too. No paid job postings, no need to have a dedicated recruiting agent, and time freed up for HR to focus on other tasks.


Whether you need short term help for a project or to cover someone’s leave, want to try out a new position before hiring on, or need the full benefits a staffing agency offers for all your employment needs, temporary staffing agencies are invaluable. Contact one today with questions! TransHire is happy to help at one of our two South Florida locations and you can try out our Cost Calculator to see the benefits!


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TransHire is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or other protected class.