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Working on the Go


Working on the go: tips for getting the job done while traveling


Ideally we get to take off on vacation and leave the work behind, right? But that’s not always the case. For many of us, the job follows us outside of regular hours and even on days off or during scheduled vacations. Or maybe you are traveling for work, but the office tasks you’re leaving behind still need to get done while you’re away. What essential gear do you need to work-on-the-go? Here are some tips to getting the job done while your out-of-office email response is on. 

Wireless charging

Depending on what electronic devices you have and want to keep charged, wireless charging cases or batteries are a lifesaver! Whether you’re at an all-day conference without access to an outlet, busy traveling, or on the beach for hours, your batteries aren’t likely to last without being recharged. Wireless charging allows you to stay mobile and stay connected. I’m a fan of the mophie brand, but there are a lot of options out there to fit your devices and needs! 

Creating an “office”

You may need a dedicated space to bring out your laptop, make phone calls, and get things done—better space than a hotel room crowded with your family can provide. Before you head out, check for local coffee shops or restaurants with wifi. Tip: look for reviews that say the internet is fast, reliable, and has no time limits. There’s even a wifi finder app that shows you nearby hotspots, lets you know what’s free, and lets you sort by venue type (find it on iTunes and Google Play). You could even search for a co-working space—they’re typically used by freelancers and start-ups. Try Coworking Wiki. 

Taking the office with you

Make sure you have all the files and information you need that may typically only be available at work. Whether you use paper files and bring them or copies, save documents to a flash drive, or use cloud storage like OneDrive, be prepared to travel with everything you need for your project. 


When you’re stuck without internet access, it’s great to be able to connect your tablet or laptop to wifi through your cell phone. Most carriers require an addition to your plan for this feature, but you can likely set it up month-to-month and activate it as needed. 

Setting time limits

We don’t want you to end up working away your entire vacation! Many find success by planning an hour or so each morning to check emails and make calls. Then the rest of the day can be more relaxing! Otherwise, find some down time to check-in throughout the day, like car rides and nap times. Email auto-responders are wonderful! 

What are your tips and tricks for working on-the-go? Do you prefer to get up early or stay up late to get things done? Get more employment advice and staffing news from our TransHire site!


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