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Stop Procrastinating!


How to be more productive: stop procrastinating!


Whether or not we consider ourselves “procrastinators,” we’ve all been there at some point. We make decisions daily on what tasks to get done and what tasks can wait. We tell ourselves we’ll finish that paper tomorrow or catch up on the weekend. But did you know that the act of procrastination itself is wearing you down? It’s like a catch-22. You’re putting off work to save time or relax now, but each time you do that you’re adding to your mental checklist and tiring yourself out more than necessary.


Sometimes we simply skip a task because we’re out of time or too tired, but other times there may be underlying factors. So first, try to ask yourself why you seem to be avoiding getting a specific job done. Are you afraid of doing it wrong or failing? Afraid you won’t get the job or promotion? Sometimes if we figure that part out we can face it head on. What if you don’t fail? How will it look if you succeed—it can help to imagine the desired outcome and how it will make you feel!


We’re also big fans of making lists! Whether you write them down, use an app or computer program, or make a mental note—do whatever works for you! We lose energy as the day goes on so it’s more productive to start with the most difficult job first. You’ll have more clarity and motivation to get it done earlier in the day. Once it’s out of the way, you can focus on smaller and maybe more enjoyable tasks.


Another way to make lists and jobs more manageable is to really break them down. Maybe you have “finish project XYZ” on your list and it’s overwhelming you so you keep skipping it. What if you separate it into each little piece that needs to be done? Need a quote? Make that phone call or send an email and be done with it. Move on. You’ve finished that part of the task until a response comes in. Need to get through a giant stack of paperwork? Make the first goal to finish a quarter of it—or work on it for the next 20 minutes—whatever is manageable for you. Continue with your day like this and you’ll be through your lists in no time!


It takes less than 2 minutes to get anything started! So just begin where you are with what you have, work for a specified time limit, and give yourself a pat on the back. You’re on your way and it’ll feel so great to be done rather than pushing it off for later! Make sure you check our website for other tips and temp staffing agency news.


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