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Seasonal Job Searching Tips


Seasonal Job Searching Tips from the BBB 

The hunt for seasonal work is well underway, with many companies beginning to search in mid-October. Don’t worry, though, the holiday hiring continues well into December. Due to predictions of increased holiday sales over last year, there’s an expected increase in hirings this year. These temporary seasonal jobs could also very well turn into full-time positions. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) released some tips on maximizing chances for a seasonal job and for avoiding possible scams. 

Keep your options open. Many people tend to head toward the big names and box stores, but they are certainly not the only ones hiring! Think of small businesses and local shops, too, that need additional help during busy times. Where do you shop? What services do you use? Try those! It’s also not just retail and cash registers, but also customer service, packaging, shipping, back rooms, and filling orders. Don’t limit your search. 

Be weary of on-the-spot offers that come without even so much as an interview first. Generic job titles, work from home positions, great pay for little work, no company contact information, and something that sounds too good to be true are all good warning signs to watch out for. Do some research on the company, read reviews and references, get an in-person meeting, search for them on (or call 888-996-3887), and never pay for trainings that are part of the supposed job offer. These are good ways to help protect yourself from job scams! 

A couple of great ways to avoid seasonal and job posting scams and increase your chances of finding temp employment are to network with friends and family and to register with a local temporary staffing agency. Temp agencies work directly with companies to fulfill their hiring needs. They’ve screened and met with businesses, are familiar with the positions, and can help find something that’s a fit for your skills. 

Another way to be more employable during the holiday season is to be flexible with your hours. Some businesses extend hours or work extra days, which may mean late nights, long hours, and weekends. If you’re able to fill in when needed, you may have a leg up during the selection process.


Now is the time to apply and get registered with an employment agency. For seasonal work, the sooner the better! Just keep these tips in mind and be aware that fake listings are possible! Have you started your holiday job search yet?


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