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TransHire Employees of the Month for 2017


Recognizing our Employees of the Month


What a great year at our TransHire offices in South Florida! We appreciate our team and enjoy taking some time to recognize their efforts and say thank you. You can follow along with our Employees of the Month on our Facebook page, too, and here’s a look back at 2017! 

Fort Lauderdale Office:

 Mary Dudley

When Mary registered with TransHire last year, she was immediately placed on an assignment. Our client was so impressed with her solid work ethic, continued level of professionalism, “do all” attitude, and overall positive attitude that they converted her to become a permanent employee. Mary is someone that will continue to work hard, has the drive to grow, and we are thrilled to announce her as our employee of the month.

Gideon Salter

Gideon registered with TransHire back in 2014 and has been a long time employee ever since. Gideon continues to have the same work ethic, positive attitude, and professional demeanor today as he did when he first walked in. It is because of his outstanding attendance and his overall “do all” attitude that we could not pass on choosing him as our Employee of the Month.

Charlyne Jacques

Charlyne has been working consistently with TransHire since June 2015. Charlyne has been recognized for her dedication, punctuality, professionalism, outstanding attitude, and willingness to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the client is happy. We thank you for your utmost support! 

Sheila Sweeney

Sheila started with us in September 2016, and during that time has shown to be a very hardworking, dedicated, and professional individual. Her great personality and willingness to go the extra mile in order to get the job done makes her befitting of this recognition. Thanks Sheila, we appreciate you! 

Thea Curtis

Thea started with Transhire in 2000 and continuously worked numerous assignments until 2005. She left and came back in Sept. 2016 and has been working ever since. She is a very dedicated employee who goes the extra mile to get the job done. Her immediate Supervisor says that she is a pleasure to work with. Congratulations Thea on doing an excellent job!

 Jorge Rivera

Jorge has been a TransHire employee for a few years and we are very fortunate that he has always been willing to accept any project presented to him. Due to his continued level of professionalism, solid work ethic, and stellar attendance, we have been more than willing to continue sending him out as needed. Thank you, Jorge, for all you do and your commitment to our clients as well as TransHire!

 Catrina Barnes

Catrina registered with us in February 2016, and has been placed on assignments consistently since then. She is always available and willing to undertake assignments at short notice and can be counted on to be there every day, on time. Catrina’s dedication and hard work is evident in repeated request from employers for her services. A well deserved selection for a well deserving employee. Congratulations Catrina and thanks for being a part of our team!

Veronica Cruz

Veronica registered with our company at the beginning of the year and was immediately placed with our client. She has continuously worked with the same client since then and is doing a great job. She has shown hard work and dedication to getting the job done. She has proven to be a dependable and reliable employee and our client couldn’t be happier with her work ethic. Thank you Veronica for doing such a wonderful job!


Miami Office:

Felicia Roach

Felicia started working for TransHire last year and has more than proven herself as a valuable employee. She has tackled a huge project for the client and they are very pleased with her professionalism and great attitude. Thank you, Felicia!

George Mathis

George registered with TransHire last year and was immediately placed on an assignment and has been working with the same client since. George has been doing a fantastic job and our client has nothing but great things to say about him. George has proven to be reliable, a hard worker, respectful, and everyone there is very happy to have him. Congrats, George!

Henry Ceballos

Henry has been employed with TransHire since 2016. He is a professional individual who has a positive attitude and gets along well with others. Our client is so pleased with him, he is currently being considered for conversion and we are very happy for him. Henry has proven himself to be a dependable and reliable employee and for this reason he was chosen to be Employee of the Month!

Joshua Martinez

Joshua “Josh” Martinez has been working with TransHire for several months and his outstanding performance, productivity, and dedication are greatly appreciated by his current employer and by his TransHire family. We are happy to have Josh on our team!

Nickeya Clowers

Nickeya Clowers has been on a temporary assignment since March 2017 and our client is very happy and pleased with her work and professionalism. She is always on time and will stay longer hours until her work is complete! We appreciate her loyalty and dedication!

Michael Valdes

Michael has been on assignment with the same client since August 2016, ONE FULL YEAR! He has proven to be a dedicated, responsible, and dependable employee who is well liked in the office by all. Congratulations Michael, keep up the good work!

 Althea Antoine

Althea is recognized for her dedication, hard work, reliability, and professionalism. She has been an employee of TransHire since July 2016, and has worked for two of our largest clients. Since her start, she has been recognized as a team player with great work ethic. Our clients have been exceptionally pleased with Althea and her outstanding performance. We are equally delighted to have Althea as part of the TransHire team and feel honored to recognize her as our employee of the month!

 Olga Thompson

We appreciate Olga’s outstanding efforts! Olga has been an employee of TransHire since 2014, and she recently completed an assignment where she more than proved to be a reliable, dependable, and hard worker who is willing and able to do any task that is given to her. Thanks Olga for all you do!


From everyone at TransHire, thank you for all you do and for being a part of our team! We appreciate all of you and wish you the best moving forward!


TransHire is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or other protected class.