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How do you handle stress?


How to Handle Job Stress 

We often have to deal with stresses during daily life, but it can be more difficult to handle when it comes from work—whether it results from working with other people, struggles with your boss, performance pressure, or blurring the work-life boundary, it can affect our effectiveness on the job. The job site Glassdoor reported the question, “how do you deal with pressure?” as the number one question asked during interviews. Employers want to know how you cope with job stress! So once you make it past that difficult interview and land the job, here are some tips on coping with pressures at work. 

Work/life balance: It will be impossible to escape the stress of work if you never leave work! Sometimes it’s unavoidable, sure, but otherwise leave your work at work. Set up boundaries and specific work hours—avoid checking work emails or taking phone calls outside of that time. Also, try to leave the worries of work behind mentally, too! When you walk out that door at 5pm, take a deep breath and focus on what’s next. What are your hobbies? What are your favorite family activities? What’s the last book you read for yourself? 

Change your mindset: if we view pressures at work as “problems,” that’s what they will feel like. Our language and even our posture affects our mindset and therefore the outcome. Try to view an upcoming project or deadline as a challenge, rather than a problem. Sit up tall and remind yourself that you CAN beat this deadline or work your way through this—it’s a challenge you’re determined to win! This certainly won’t always work, but it’s a great habit to try to lean on, even in daily life outside of work. Write out specific tasks, your own deadlines for each step, and maybe even rewards for yourself along the way. Add a little fun to the day! 

Tackle the worst task first. As the day goes on, we use up our energy—physically and mentally—so by the afternoon or the end of the day, we’re ready to quit. This makes it much harder (and more stressful!) to try to accomplish those large tasks later in the day. Choose the job that’s the most daunting or the one you want to do the least and get it out of the way first thing in the morning! It’s when your mind is clearest and you have the most energy to put toward it. You’ll find it much easier to accomplish compared to waiting until later in the day. 

Think about long-term goals: it’s easy to get bogged down day-to-day, but try to remind yourself why you’re there. Create a vision board or have a photo on your desk—something to glance at to be easily reminded of your dreams. Thinking of retirement? Saving for travel? Affording your kid’s school? All great reasons to stick it out, take a deep breath, and move through that work stress today. 

When you leave work this evening, let it all go, and remember tomorrow is a new day! Really struggling? Let a staffing agency like TransHire in South Florida help you with a job search! 

How do you cope with stress at work?


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