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Transitioning through a job relocation


Transitioning through a job relocation


When you are searching for a new job, it’s not uncommon to find something in another city or even state and landing that job requires a move. Or maybe you’re currently with a company, but they’re moving or they want to move your position to a different branch. In any case, a job relocation can be stressful or worrisome. From finding a place to live to meeting new people, a move is always difficult! Here are some tips to make a job relocation as smooth as possible. 

Stay positive. If you’re moving onward and upward to a new position, that’s great news! Focus on the good news and the potential coming your way. If it’s an entirely new job, it must be a good opportunity to have considered moving away so take that energy with you when you go. Great things are coming your way, even if getting there is going to take some extra work! 

Ask about relocation benefits. Many companies offer allowances to help with the move—whether it’s money for the expenses of moving or housing until you find your own place. Just like other job benefits, you can always negotiate the offer for your relocation benefits, too. If you feel you may need more time or more allowance to get the job done, ask. 

Check out the city. Ideally you can visit before your move and finding a place to live. If you know anyone in the area, ask them for some tips—maybe your new boss or colleagues can help. Research the neighborhoods and home values, schools, activities, and restaurants. Will there be difficult commutes to work? Will you be renting or buying? Which neighborhoods will increase in home value? 

Get out and meet people! In between your unpacking and getting adjusted at the new job, make sure you’re meeting new people and building friendships. This may sound daunting, but as the newbie in town, you make an excellent and easy conversation starter! Ask questions about the new city, learn about new restaurants and hot spots, and share about where you’re from. 

Don’t put off applying for jobs outside of your current town if moving is an option, because while a big move, in general, can be overwhelming and a lot to deal with, you can make the best of it. Work on your mindset to view the positives, take advantage of the benefits and good things coming your way, and take time to explore your new home!


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