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Getting the most out of your summer job


Getting the most out of your summer job


There are a lot of job opportunities that open up during the summer months. Whether you’re a student off for a few months or you’ve been job seeking, take advantage of this time of year! You can look for a variety of seasonal employment from summer camps, park districts and pools to internships, golf courses, and recreational businesses. 

First, you never know who you will meet! We’ve said it here on the TransHire blog before, everyone is a possible networking connection. Working at a summer camp with kids? Maybe you’ll meet a parent that has the hookup you want at your dream job. Maybe your boss will give you the recommendation to get your foot in the door at your next stop. You definitely need to look beyond the summer and the current job—make an impression and that reputation will follow you as you continue your job seeking or career path. 

Don’t forget to pay yourself. It may be difficult at first to set aside money from your paycheck, but it’s a great time to do it! Stick it in a Roth account to grow tax free and you won’t have to pay taxes on it when you withdrawal. Your income and your tax rate will likely only go up as you advance your career, so take advantage of some of these benefits now. It’s never too early (or too late!) to start saving! 

Ask for feedback. Even if your summer job isn’t in a field you’re interested in long-term, you can always learn something new! You can always improve your skills. Chat with your co-workers or ask your manager for advice on your performance. What have been your strengths? What have been weaknesses and areas you can improve? Then take the comments and work on them! 

Update your resume with your temp job and add any other relevant summer activities, too. Are you adding in some volunteer work? Attending a conference or professional expo? Maybe you can fit in a summer class or training session in your industry of interest. These are great way to spend your summer—while networking!—and add lots of relevant and recent experience to your resume. It shows you’re staying active, even if you’re still job seeking for the position you want. 

Are you looking forward to the summer and attending any upcoming events? What are your favorite ways to network?


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