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Happy and Motivated Employees


Happy and Motivated Employees 

Maybe you’ve heard the saying before, “a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.” People like to know they’re needed and appreciated, that their ideas are listened to, and that they’re a part of the company. Studies show that these happier employees are more productive and more loyal and dedicated to their job. So how do you make sure your temp workers, employees, or clients feel appreciated? 

Employee benefits are a standard. Certain things are expected with permanent employment, like vacation, insurance, or 401k. Of course you can go above and beyond with any of those if you choose, but other added perks may even be better! And they don’t have to be extravagant, team building and thoughtful actions are effective. 

When you can get your employees to spend time together, you create more of a family feel. Try smaller activities once a quarter and an annual company picnic that extends to family members. Encourage dinners and events outside of office hours or simply create a break room environment that allows people to chat—a nice coffee maker, a bowl of goodies, and a comfortable place to sit. 

Little and easy, inexpensive ways to show appreciation can be a handwritten note, a celebration of small successes (post a bulletin!), one-on-one mentoring time or knowing you have an open door policy, and rewards customized for certain people—it’s the thought that counts! If you’re looking to put a little more into it, try offering continued education opportunities or sending an employee to a training they’re interested in taking. 

Remember to try to personalize things. This is why a handwritten note goes much farther than an automated email. A monthly birthday celebration is impersonal and a pin for working a certain number of years gets lost in a drawer. Offer the event planning responsibility to employees so they’re more involved and offer rewards or gifts that cater to personalities, hobbies, and preferences rather than blanket statements. 

If you want to check out some major companies that do BIG things, look at the tech leaders in Silicon Valley. Facebook, for example, allows for a creative environment with writing all over the walls and ping pong tables. Google is said to do it best with lots of time off for new parents, a free gym with fitness classes, organized sports, free bus rides to and from work, nap pods, and swimming pools. Of course a company like Google can do things like that, but take the concept and do what works for you and your employees. Want to get your team together for exercise? You don’t need a gym and classes, just set up some time outdoors for a workout or a run. 

A few things to remember: it can be easy in this kind of environment to appear to play favorites, so make sure you focus on the whole team. Prioritize your employees and they will prioritize you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show appreciation—you just have to put a little bit of thought and effort into it. Let us know how you show appreciation at work, we’d love to hear more ideas! If you check some of our other TransHire Group News posts, you’ll see that selecting Employees of the Month has been one of our efforts!


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