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Tips for organizing a job fair


Tips for Organizing a Job Fair 

Job fairs are a great way to get out and be seen in the community, help local job seekers, and meet new faces. Whether you’re a business that’s hiring, an individual that’s job seeking, or someone just looking to bring together the community, pulling off a job fair doesn’t have to be a lot of work. 

First, decide what jobs you’re marketing. Is this for a specific industry only? Is this for one business or many? What are their open positions or needs? 

Once you know your target, you can decide on space. If you have your own business, is it big enough? Are you bringing in other employers? Maybe a partnering business can host or you can look into renting a venue. Weekdays often have cheaper rates, especially if you just need it for a few hours. Keep in mind the number of employers and businesses that will be present, as well as the expected attendee size. 

Next, plan logistics for the job fair. Are you supplying tables and chairs for each business or are you having them bring their own? Maybe the venue you’re using has them on hand—that’d be a plus! If you’re having any presentations, do you need audio-visual equipment? Don’t forget tablecloths, a check-in table, water and cups, nametags, and signage. 

Line up a few sources of advertising and don’t forget to budget for this. Some will come free like sending out a press release to news sources or adding the job fair to community calendars, but other things will have fees like placing a newspaper or radio ad or paying for sponsored posts on social media. Printing flyers is low cost, just make sure you have the volunteers available to help distribute them around the city. 

For the day of the event, make sure you have enough helping hands. Have someone to help businesses get set up at their tables, someone to run the check-in table, and someone to walk around for any questions or last minute supplies. Volunteers will be helpful throughout the job fair. 

If you have your own table, make sure you have a way to collect contact information to follow up. Have shortened applications, collect resumes, and hand out business cards or company flyers. Remember that the interview is a two-way street! Invite people into your table and encourage engagement. 

Have you attended a job fair before, either as a business vendor or as a job seeker? Think back to past experiences and what you enjoyed or what could be improved. Use those tips for planning your job fair! Get more tips on staffing and employment at our TransHire website.


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