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How the Job Search Changes in the Summer


How the Job Search Changes in the Summer 

It’s not necessarily true that job hiring slows down in the summer months, but there are some changes that can add difficulty to the process. It can help your search to be aware of these changes and use them to your advantage! It will also help you become less discouraged or frustrated while looking for a job in the summer when you know what to expect. 

First of all, hiring doesn’t slow down, but the hiring process does. Vacations for BOTH the hiring employees and the job seekers can mean a more spread out application and interview schedule. If there’s a week or more in between each interview by the recruiting agent, and you’re one of the first, it will likely be a lot longer before you hear back. Or maybe the hiring agent is going on vacation right before making their final decision. As long as you’re expecting this longer wait, you can plan for it and not let it get you down! 

On the plus side, this may also mean less applicants for any given job. If a time sensitive ad is posted or it’s around a summer holiday, there may be fewer job seekers than usual. Get your application in and you’ll have less competition. If you continue your job search and stay on top of things, you can be a step ahead. Be consistent! Don’t take summertime as a reason to slack. 

Also, you can expect companies to generally be happier in the summer. Maybe they’re feeling refreshed from a recent vacation, they’re looking forward to upcoming time off, the workload has slowed a bit, or they’re less busy outside of work with the kids off a school schedule. In any case, a better mood may mean they’re more receptive to follow-ups and conversations—keep up the networking! 

Speaking of networking, that’s usually easier in the summertime, too. People are more likely to want to meet after work or take a long lunch. There’s also a lot more going on outside and events or meetings can be planned outdoors or with an activity. Check community calendars for upcoming events you can attend.


Yes, job searching in the summer can have its drawbacks, but if you can plan for them and work around them, you can certainly make things work to your advantage. Don’t stop your search and don’t give up! The summer is a great time to meet with recruiters and temp agencies.


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