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Transitional Hiring

TransHire's Transitional Hiring Solutions Designed To Save You Money!

Once you have listed your job, screened your candidates, and interviewed a few people you feel "finally" I found the right fit, right?

Well... sometimes...

You see, one of the biggest challenges faced by the companies we work with is making sure that they did everything right, completed it all on time, and then trying to make sure the new person fits the team and company culture.

The skills might be there, but maybe the cultural fit isn't. Or, they are a great person, but their skills just don't live up to what were listed on a resume. In the end, they don't work out and you're back at square one.

Don't let that happen to you!


Transitional Hiring Success

Our transitional hiring program starts with a meeting with your leadership to go over your company's needs, as well as get an understanding for your working environment. We learn not just the skills you need but the people you prefer.

When we screen candidates through our sourcing process, we can verify their skills and talents, plus their personalities, providing you with people who are more likely to fit.

Our difference is that personal, local touch when looking for the right fit.


Our Service's Unique Feel

With our transitional service, we keep the new employee on our payroll, but you get to work with them for 640 hours. If at the end of that time you feel "This is the right match" we move them on to your payroll with no liquidation fee, and we cover your investment with our unique turnover protection plan.

You get the ability to work with your new employee in a real setting before taking on a risk or committing to them full-time.

If things don't work out within the six-month period, we replace the candidate at no additional cost to you!

This program is a proven way to continue to grow your business without the risk of having to pay unemployment for those employees who "just didn't work out."

Work with any of our locations in South Florida and you'll be able to get the TransHire 6-month guarantee.

TransHire is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or other protected class.